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We Service Swimming Pools,Commercial and Domestic. NSPI Accredited Specialist. Let us keep the sparkle in your Pool

Throughout my travels in the pool industry I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly, at Prestige Pool Service, we believe in the "quality" of each job performed, not the "quantity" of jobs. I created Prestige Pool Service because I firmly believe we can offer the best of all aspects in the pool service industry. I know what works and what doesn't work in the field. I am a firm believer in the golden rule and I treat every backyard as if I am walking into my own. I am offering my customers a familiar, detailed and experienced pool service technician. At Prestige Pool Service you will receive quality workmanship and competitive prices. I'm excited to meet new clients and I want to work with you.


  • Condition Report

    23 November at 18:13 from atlas

    This service is offered to buyers looking to purchase a property with a pool. This service includes : ...

  • Leak Detection

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  • Holiday Servicing

    23 November at 17:54 from atlas

    This is a service where you may need someone to look in on the pool while ...

  • Understanding Your Pool

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    Just moved into a house with a pool we can educate new pool owners about correct pool care.

  • Casual Servicing

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